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Patient Stories

Leonard Decker

 “My wife needed a dentist here in The Villages, so we talked to our neighbors and heard that Village Dental was one of the best. She doesn’t like going to the dentist and was very skeptical at first, but Dr. Farrell made her feel right at home. He did the work very gently, and she was very comfortable. Now she doesn’t mind going at all and is very appreciative of Dr. Farrell. “I had gone to another dentist in The Villages and he put a cap on one of my teeth, but even after going back six or seven times, he could never get my bite right, so I just quit chewing on that side of the mouth. “Then I came to see Dr. Farrell. He took one look and said, ‘Okay, just give me a few minutes and we’ll take care of the problem,’ and within just a matter of minutes it was solved! Fabulous, just fabulous! “The other dentists I had would identify the problem, but they didn’t correct it properly. When the work was finished, I still had problems. Dr. Farrell makes sure to find the best solution and you know right from the beginning that when you leave everything will be done correctly and you will feel good. There’s a difference in dentists and obviously, he’s the best! I also like all the new equipment and technology that he uses that I never saw at other dentists’ offices. “I had a lot of spaces in my teeth so I didn’t smile a lot. Dr. Farrell was able to get rid of all of the spaces and correct all of my problems. Now that I have a nice smile, I am learning how to take on a new life, new feelings and I am not afraid of smiling. I’m a believer in Village Dental!” –Leonard Decker  


Mike and Ann Green

 “The insufficient dental care I received in my hometown of Sutton, England led me to develop periodontal disease, resulting in my losing fourteen teeth. I got a denture to replace the upper back teeth but it wasn’t comfortable so I seldom wore it. I tended to chew with my front teeth, which actually began to shift forward to accommodate my bad habits, giving me an overbite. My teeth were such a source of embarrassment that I hated having my photo taken and often avoided smiling. “When Mike’s job made us part-time residents of The Villages, I saw an ad for a new patient free evaluation with Village Dental, and made an appointment with Dr. Hards. I asked about how to get rid of my partial denture and restore function to my back teeth. Dr. Hards suggested permanent dental implants and I had such faith in his expertise, I readily agreed. “I had my smile restored about twelve years ago and ever since, chewing is much more comfortable and natural, and I feel confident smiling. Mike was so impressed with the outcome that he decided to have a full mouth restoration. I have also recommended Village Dental to several of my friends, who were very happy with their experiences as well.” –Anne Green *** “I had such poor dental care from childhood on that my teeth were getting really crooked and loose, and my smile didn’t look good at all. Anne’s success made me quite comfortable entrusting my care to Village Dental. The staff were friendly and experienced, and gave me a full evaluation, looking deeper into my situation than any of the dentists I’d had back home. “X-rays revealed that I had poor bone density and needed bone grafts in order to receive dental implants, and I needed crowns in a few places. It was a bit of a process, but it was well worth it. I’ve had my implants for about six years now and they still feel strong and natural, and they look great. It’s been fantastic!” –Mike Green  


Lynn Stine

“When my husband and I moved to the area 12 years ago, we needed to find a dentist. My cousin is a dentist, so I have high standards and expectations. It was a long search before I found a dentist who could accommodate my needs and who used equipment that would not hurt my mouth. I have a smaller mouth (though my husband would disagree) and I hated the older equipment and biteplates other dentists used to take x-rays, which always hurt my mouth. “After much trial and error, I found Village Dental and Dr. Hall. Dr. Hall is a wonderful dentist – very thorough – and Village Dental’s modern equipment makes x-rays, cleanings, crowns and other procedures we’ve needed over the years quick and comfortable. “I feel very confident with Dr. Hall. He is calming and personable and I always have such nice conversations with him. He recalls things about you and remembers you as a person, not a number. He just has a way of making you feel special. And he hums happily while he works, just like my cousin. That makes me feel even more relaxed. “We’ve been patients of Dr. Hall’s for about 8-9 years now. I credit my good teeth to good dental care, Dr. Hall and my amazing hygienist. I really can’t say enough great stuff about them. They always meet or exceed my high expectations for dental care. My husband and I are very pleased.” –Lynn Stine  


Christine Cote and Hugo Yepez

 “We were referred to Village Dental by a fellow Rotary member. As a physician, I can say that Village Dental is very professionally run, from training to safety to cleanliness and technology – it’s all very well done! “We met with Dr. Hards and I was pleased to find that he has very high standards. We went initially for our general checkups and then I had a crown fixed. Hugo had a number of longstanding tooth and gum issues. His top and bottom teeth were crooked and we discussed Invisalign with Dr. Hards. “I had crooked front teeth too, and just finished my Invisalign treatment. Now we both have new smiles and just love how they look!” –Dr. Christine Cote “I absolutely echo the accolades. I’m most impressed by the staff. They are all so very friendly, from the doctors to the support staff and hygienists. They are all so welcoming and kind, they make a trip to the dentist a pleasant one. Oh, and I just love the roses.” –Christine Cote and Hugo Yepez  


Dr. Thomas Wright

 “I’m a retired US Navy dentist so I know what to look for in a dentist and dental practice. When we moved to The Villages I went online to the Academy of General Dentistry and looked for top dental practices in the area and found Village Dental. “I was looking for dentists that stay current with the latest technology and education. Continuing education in this field is so important and the dentists at Village Dental have their Masters, which is as good as it gets. Plus, three of them had military experience, which is a huge plus in my book. “When I met Dr. Hall I had an immediate connection. I had two cracked teeth, a fractured crown and a bunch of other problems, and Dr. Hall has done an incredible job with all of it. I am very happy with the level of expertise of the whole staff. It’s amazing to see how well they do their job. It’s just great! “I always say … It’s easy to ruin a good reputation but hard to maintain it. I have high standards and in my opinion, Village Dental has a great reputation and they deliver on it. “My wife thinks it’s so cool that she gets a rose at the end of her visit as that always brightens her day!” –Dr. Thomas Wright  


Alice Easterlund

“I really didn’t like my original teeth as they were crooked, ugly and stained. Every time I took a picture I’d fight to get to the left in a group shot so that when I turned toward the camera my right side was showing, as that is my better side. I have a tooth that was caved in and with the shadows it looked like I was missing a tooth. “I decided to give myself a new smile for my 70th birthday. I checked out 5 different places to get my whole mouth done just so I would know I was making the best decision. In the end, I decided on Village Dental. I got 16 crowns done by Dr. Farrell and was very, very happy. Everybody says I look so nice. “I wish I’d done it 10 years earlier! I have a little smile, but now I smile big time!” –Alice Easterlund  


Barry Pfister

 “For years I neglected my teeth and it became so painful going to the dentist that I didn’t go. My neglect started to impact my health. “I had been to another local dentist who said I needed numerous surgical extractions and it was all very expensive. That’s when my wife Kristine found Village Dental online and I went in for the $55 New Patient Special. I had the most wonderful experience in the world. Dr. Farrell did a thorough exam and said I was a perfect candidate for partials. He told me he wanted to give me a brand new smile. I immediately knew he was the right dentist for the job. “The next week I had my bad teeth extracted and Dr. Farrell was so gentle. I walked out of the exam room with my temporary teeth and smiled at Kristine, my wife of 44 years, and she started to cry. She told me that one of the reasons she married me was my beautiful smile … and Dr. Farrell gave it back to me. And those were just the temporaries! “The day I got my permanent teeth (partials), I went out to dinner with Kristine and ate a hamburger for the first time in years and I loved it. I could eat again! “Kristine says you can’t tell my new smile from back when I was in my twenties! Since going to Village Dental I’m like a new person. Even my health problems are gone. Village Dental gave me more than a new smile. They gave me my life back.” –Barry Pfister  


Lisa Duncan

 “A family friend who went to dental school with Michael Hards said I would not be able to find a better dentist/practice anywhere in Florida and he was right! Dr. Hards is the epitome of professionalism and he is so cheerful. There is such a clear commitment to patients from the doctors and all of the staff. They work great together as a team. “It was honestly the first time in my entire life that I had a PAIN FREE cleaning and plaque removal. The time that all staff members dedicated to me, and the technology and state-of-the-art equipment made it a really positive experience. Village Dental blew me away!” –Lisa Duncan  



Bonnie Kaye

“My husband and I were at our home in The Villages for the Christmas holidays when the connector to my temporary crown broke, leaving me with an ugly toothless gap. I had this crown done by another dentist up north and getting back up there for the repair was not an option. I opened the phonebook and started calling one dental office after another, but no one answered and I began to panic. I called Village Dental and a staff member answered, and I told her about my plight. She told me that they were closed for the holiday, but she would call Dr. Hall and later that day I was sitting in his dental chair! He secured the crown and I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation. Now I live in The Villages full-time and would never go anywhere but Village Dental. They treat me like family. I’m so grateful to Dr. Hall, who really rescued me during an emergency. He has kept my smile white, bright and healthy ever since. I’m so lucky to have found Village Dental.” -Bonnie Kaye

Dr. Edward J. Farrell, DMD, MAGD, AFAAID

Dr. Farrell founded Village Dental and has earned a Mastership Award from the Academy of General Dentistry.

Dr. Richard P. Hall II DMD, MAGD, AFAAID

Dr. Hall is a graduate of the  University of Florida College of Dentistry.

Dr. Michelle Dulgar, DMD

We are excited to have Dr. Dulgar join our team! She is a skilled dentist who will bring out the best in your smile.



Berry B.

"The day I got my permanent teeth, I could eat again! Even my health problems are gone. Village Dental gave me more than a new smile. They gave me my life back."

James D.

"The staff is educated, professional, and willing to please. Village Dental does excellent work."

Joyce R.

"The spirit of the office is so friendly and professional, and Dr. Farrell is perfect for me. I can eat and smile comfortably again!"

Lisa D.

"The time that all staff members dedicated to me, and the technology and state-of-the-art equipment made it a really positive experience. Village Dental blew me away!

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